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What is Holistic Health? | Earthotic

One of my best friends struggled with chronic – almost daily – migraines for over a decade. They began in childhood and only increased with time. After seeing multiple medical specialists over the years, Meghan gave up since she had exhausted the medication list. She felt stuck with her condition.

But then, Meghan joined a holistic health group who urged her to look beyond the physical component of her headaches. She realized that her insomnia was linked to her migraines. And her anxiety was linked to the insomnia. And her current work situation exacerbated the anxiety. All these pieces were interconnected.

So, Meghan changed her perspective and slowly began the journey to physical healing by addressing her mental and emotional health. She also changed her diet to include more nutrient-dense food – food that would work for her, not against her. Gradually, she found a greater sense of peace and purpose, her anxiety subsided, and her headaches became less frequent.

Holistic health is a trendy topic right now, but true holistic health goes beyond eating a few organic vegetables now and then. Holistic living means taking care of yourself in all aspects: mind, body, and spirit so that you can truly be the best version of yourself.

How to Achieve a Holistic Lifestyle with Holistic Health

You Are What You Eat

What you put into your body largely impacts your energy, health, and even your outlook on life. You probably already know that eating highly-processed, sugary foods leaves you feeling lethargic and foggy.

On the other hand, eating a variety of vegetables and natural, whole foods on a regular basis will increase your mental clarity, energy, and overall health. Natural, whole foods provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that will keep your body functioning at peak level while boosting your immune system and providing a better barrier against disease.[1]

Monitor Your Mental Input

Just our bodies pump out good energy when we put in good food, what we feed our minds matters, too. During these times, we’re surrounded with so much mental input: constant social media streams, endless online content, ongoing news updates. We’re cramming our brains full of material. But be careful that you aren’t internalizing toxic information.

Is social media getting you down? Does the news raise your anxiety? Are you obsessing over things you can’t control?

Mental exhaustion is very real, and negativity can take over in an instant. Break away from all of that. Take technology breaks, and fill your mind with something good – or nothing at all. Take time to clear the mental clutter and reset. Call up a good friend. Walk the dog. Work in the garden. Watch the sunset. Give your mind a rest from it all.

Set Holistic Health Goals to Create a Sustainable Balance

Don’t try to change everything at once. Write down a few achievable goals for each aspect of your health: mental health, physical health, spiritual and emotional health.For instance, starting out, your goals might look something like this:

  • Mental Health – Take a one-hour technology break every day. Replace it with a relaxing activity or hobby.
  • Physical Health – Do a 45-minute yoga session once a week. Eat at least two servings of organic veggies a day.
  • Emotional/Spiritual Health – Journal or meditate for 15 minutes.

Keep it simple. Keep it balanced.

Love Yourself

Take time for self-care. Leave time to read a good book – just for fun. Take a long a bath. Make time to enjoy and finish a cup of coffee instead of rushing to start your day. Schedule that appointment you’ve been putting off. Our days are already so full and busy. Make self-care a priority.

Keep Learning about Holistic Health

Keep moving forward – whatever that looks like for you. Keep in mind, you do not need to set unattainable standards or increase the amount of pressure you put on yourself. Instead, continually learn about how you can improve your life through better holistic health. Make actionable goals along the way to motivate you.The best way to do that is to find community with a similar mission. Replace your negative social media outlets with supportive and helpful online groups who make holistic health a priority. Or, join an in-person group or enlist the help of a holistic health coach. Fill your mind with things that will help you grow rather than weigh you down.

We’re here for you! Holistic living is not a destination but a journey – one worth taking. Let’s do this together! Follow along with the blog and find more holistic living resources at

Plus, we have a few products that will make it easier for you to get those nutrients your body craves. Try our Organic Green Journey Superfood Powder or the Organic Chocolate Journey Protein Powder.


  1. Newman, K. M., (2019, September 18). What Is the Best Diet for Mental Health? Greater Good Magazine.



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