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Should I be concerned about a Proposition 65 warning notice?

It’s understandable that consumers are concerned about these product warnings. However, it’s important to understand that just because a product has a warning notice does not necessarily mean it’s harmful. California sets strict threshold limits far below the “safe” limits set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Health Organization, Environmental Protection Agency, and various European Health Agencies. Proposition 65 guidelines vary quite a bit from federal labeling guidelines. Under federal law, if a consumable product contains excessive levels of toxins, it’s banned completely.

Proposition 65 can be very confusing to consumers, so it’s important to keep in mind that a warning on a product is a “right to know” and not a ban. For instance, some substances on the list, like lead, are naturally occurring in low levels within the soil, even with organic farming.[1]

All ingredients in Earthotic products are natural and certified organic. Our facilities follow strict FDA guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) — we do not add any synthetic chemicals or ingredients.


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