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What makes our green superfood powder different?

Can we let you in on a dirty little secret? Supplement pills may be convenient, but they often have a low absorption rate. Our bodies are designed to take in nutrients as we eat. Pill-form offers less bioavailability than real food, which just means they aren’t completely absorbed. Those expensive supplements are literally going down the toilet. Try our green superfood powder instead!

We have a better option.

Work with your body’s natural absorption process by getting your essential nutrients through real food for maximum benefits.

Earthotic’s Organic Super Green Energy Booster is the perfect way to get essential vitamins and minerals through natural food sources. Unlike other powders, our green superfood powder provides both daily greens and a boost of plant-based protein for a more balanced supplement.

Earthotic believes in true holistic health, so our products reflect that. Our Organic Super Green Energy Booster provides a full range of health benefits. We’ve carefully selected high-quality ingredients – like heart healthy beet root and immune boosting spirulina – that help heal and nourish your body.

We want you to feel your best for complete wellness, so our powders include the best and most comprehensive ingredients for optimum health.

In addition, buying individual vitamin products and single-ingredient superfood powders gets expensive. So, we’ve combined complementary ingredients to help you get the very best in one convenient scoop. We help you achieve better health while saving money.

Best Ways to Use Earthotic’s Organic Super Green Energy Booster

  • Blend into smoothies
  • Cook into recipes
  • Bake into healthy treats & snacks
  • Mix into dressings & sauces
  • Add to fresh-squeezed juice or tea

Or, come up with your own creative ways to use our great-tasting green superfood powder! Have a recipe you love? Take a picture and share it with the Earthotic community on Instagram – tag us @earth.otic.

Need extra protein or a rich chocolatey meal replacement? Don’t forget to check out our Organic Chocolate Protein Booster, too!

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