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Gardening The Earthotic Way | Volume One

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Concerned about the quality of the food you find in the grocery stores? We can help with that! With our gardening eBooks, you will learn simple techniques to grow your own fresh organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. With so many safety concerns within the food industry, its important to take control of your food sources when you can. With guidance and tips from our gardening eBooks, you can be confident that you are growing and eating the best quality foods available.


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Our mission is simple: We’re here to partner with you on your holistic health journey by providing support, resources, and nutritional supplements to help you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. One way to achieve holistic health is through a nutritious diet, which is why we make sure that our free eBooks use healthy whole food recipe ingredients and encourage a natural approach to gardening. We also encourage balancing the dimensions of wellness which includes, physical, mental, spiritual and social health. While eating well and staying physically fit is what we strive for, focusing equally on the other dimensions of wellness is how we can achieve holistic balance. Our desire is for you to thrive, so partner with us today and let’s take this holistic health journey together!

Don't have time to whip something up in the kitchen? We've got you covered. Enjoy breakfast on the go and fight the afternoon slump with energizing superfoods. Earthotic offers nutrient-dense powders to keep you on track.

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Our products use only sustainably sourced, non-GMO organic, and vegan ingredients.

Gardening The Earthotic Way, Volume One Contents:

  • How to Plant a Vegetable Garden in Four Easy Steps
  • How to Build Raised Vegetable Garden Beds
  • Deciding When to Plant Vegetables in Your Area
  • 3 "Must-Know" Vegetable Gardening Tips
  • What is a Kitchen Garden?
  • Planning a Productive and Practical Potager
  • Heirlooms vs. Hybrids: What’s the Difference?

We hope you enjoy our gardening eBook!


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