Your Holistic Journey with Earthotic


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Product Health Benefits

With our busy lifestyles, staying healthy is not always easy. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate – and it may not be a bunch of green veggies. (Who has time to whip up a balanced meal in the middle of a workday?!)

We’re here to simplify your health routine. Earthotic is offering a sustainable approach to help you achieve holistic balance – even on your busiest days. We’re proud to partner with you in your health journey by providing organic superfood powders packed with raw, vegan ingredients. You can rest assured you’ll get maximum product health benefits without added chemicals or synthetic nutrients. Our ingredients are simple yet powerful.

Want to learn more? Watch our product videos below, or click the buttons to read more about the extensive benefits of each science-backed ingredient.

Organic Super Green Energy Booster

Simple. Organic. Nutritious. A sustainable approach to better health.

Organic Chocolate Protein Booster – Product Health Benefits

Powerful ingredients to support holistic health.


Take Charge of Your Health

At Earthotic, we believe nature has a lot to offer. With the right ingredients, plants provide complete and balanced nutrition. So, we go straight to the source and deliver it to you in carefully formulated, great-tasting powders. Try our Organic Super Green Energy Booster and our Organic Chocolate Protein Booster today!

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Offering Superior Product Health Benefits, Organically.

Why do we use powder?

Plant powders are the best way to:

  • Maintain the quality & potency of each ingredient
  • Improve the overall taste
  • Mix easily into drinks, recipes, and smoothies
  • Offer more convenience
  • Provide superior product health benefits

Wherever you are in your health journey, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Connect with our friendly team HERE for more information.