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Ghost Stories with Earthotic

At Earthotic, we love all things holistic, but we also love a good scary ghost story too! You may be wondering what ghost stories have to do with your holistic health journey. Reading is mentally stimulating and taking time out for fun activities is very important when balancing your dimensions of personal wellness.

Laugh your way to better health — share the scare with friends. These ghost stories are best enjoyed together! So sit back, relax and have fun, the Earthotic Way!

Lost and Adrift

By: The Earthotic Way

The figure was back. Dipped in black, he leered at the foot of my bed, his battered top hat askew atop his bent head, eyes glinting madly like hot coals. The shadows played hide…

Candy Apple

By: The Earthotic Way

Marin took the kids trick-or-treating. Leo, who did trick-or-treating duty last year, agreed to stay home and man the door. The sun had just set when the first packs of kids emerged…


By: The Earthotic Way

He never wanted to move again. Ever. It was too hard. There were still so many boxes to go through. Pushing his glasses up along his nose, his dark hair wet across his forehead, Mike…

Old Nick

By: The Earthotic Way

A long time ago in a small town, there was a legend that if you went down to the river at midnight during a full moon and knelt on the bank, you were supposed to look for a little…

Old Friends

By: The Earthotic Way

I daresay I was quite troubled when my good friend Nigel contacted me by letter to say his wife of but a few months had fallen very ill. Ever the fan of the dramatic, he immediately…


By: The Earthotic Way

My breathing seemed odd, labored and shallow. It was too dark to see my surroundings, but something had frightened me. My hands were outstretched defensively…

Caught Stealing

By: The Earthotic Way

Miss Maisie was the quintessential sweet old lady, living in the antique house at the end of the street. She loved Halloween. Somehow she managed to elaborately…

The Game

By: The Earthotic Way

They bought the game without her parents’ permission. Hiding it was easy. They kept it wrapped in a paper bag and stored secretly against the side of the house. Where no….

The Well

By: The Earthotic Way

Sabrina always slept fitfully. In thirty years she hadn’t slept a night through, and there wasn’t a creak or a shiver in her house that wouldn’t wake her. She was here alone and had been…

Nothing At All

By: The Earthotic Way

The smell was overwhelming in its sweetness, the aroma confined by the bounds of the house. It had remained part of the Joseph family for more than six generations….

Bad Vibes

By: The Earthotic Way

Seth wasn’t too keen on parties or crowds, but he was actually doing all right at his co-worker Dana’s birthday party until ‘center of attention’ Lila brought out her Tarot cards. Until that…

Red Death

By: The Earthotic Way

The pendulum clock in the entryway chimed solemnly at the top of the hour. The long, rectangular table in the dining room was precisely set. The delicious scent…

The Summoning

By: The Earthotic Way

“I refuse to be a part of this,” Lisa said flatly. “It’s disrespectful. And stupid.” She stared in turn at her brothers. Bradley, the youngest, and Robert the oldest…


By: The Earthotic Way

Mike woke on the ground in the forest and lay with eyes closed, certain this was a mad delusion. He smelled clean outdoor air, moss and damp earth, heard the soft roar of the rustling…

The Wishing Hour

By: The Earthotic Way

In my home, there is an ancient grandfather clock as tall as I am. It sits in the hallway that leads to the front door where it ticks and chimes away day to day and year to year…

These stories are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

These ghost stories pair great with a seasonal treat! Mix a scoop of our organic chocolate protein powder into your favorite pumpkin dessert to take it to the next level (with a secret boost of superfoods…shhh, they’ll never know).


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