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Begin a Journey to Better Health | Becoming Earthotic

Need a bit of motivation? Finding a supportive community helps us achieve better health:

Becoming Earthotic

Several years ago, I decided to go on a ‘small’ hiking trip by myself. I thought it would help to get away and recharge, and I was sure that I would come back refreshed, focused, and ready to hit the ground running again.

Unfortunately, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was only a one-day thing, and I chose a state park that I was very familiar with. I charted out a few trails I wanted to hit, gathered my gear, and started off through the forest. It didn’t take long before the loneliness set in. I told myself, “This is good for you! You need a day to yourself.” But several miles in I got a cramp in my leg that just wouldn’t go away. Nevertheless, I continued on. I could do this. I had hiked much longer trails many times before.

But the nagging pain didn’t go away. Every mile felt like five, and I wasn’t enjoying the beautiful day out on the trail like I had hoped. Finally, I gave in and headed back to my car, feeling a little disappointed in myself for fizzling out so quickly.

On my way home, I stopped by a coffee shop for a little pick-me-up. I ran into a good friend who patiently listened to my story about my pathetic hiking adventure.

She responded, “Oh, I love that trail! Why didn’t you ask me to go with you? I would have kept you company, and I have a roll of KT tape in my backpack that really helps alleviate muscle strain.”

My friend was right. I thought I would feel better, stronger, and more accomplished by going at it alone, but the truth was I probably would have had a lot more fun and found more success completing the challenge with a good friend. Plus, she had a resource in her bag that I didn’t – the muscle tape.


Better Health through a Sustainable & Holistic Lifestyle

Adopting a new health routine is the same way. You have already done the hard part. You’ve decided to go against the grain and take charge of your health by choosing a holistic lifestyle. But now you need support from friends and a helpful tool kit of resources to help you along the way. It’s almost impossible to follow through on a commitment if everyone else around you is doing the opposite. Find a like-minded crew to link up with, and you’ll accomplish even more!


Finding Our ‘Why’

We all have different paths of getting here. Maybe you watched a loved one struggle with an illness for years, and you don’t want go down the same road. Or, maybe you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease yourself, and you’re determined to flip the script of your life by making healthy changes. Or, maybe you’ve realized that the food and drug industries don’t actually care all that much about your health, and that you are responsible for what goes into your body.

Whatever route you’ve taken to get here, we have all found ourselves at the same place: embracing a clean, holistic lifestyle in a not-so-clean-and-holistic world.

That being said, I’m proud of you for going after it! It’s so worth it. And I know it’s not always easy – shopping the edge of the grocery store and resisting the temptation of the inner aisles; meal prepping at the end of a long day; cooking when you’d rather order takeout; resisting the pastries a co-worker brought in this morning – those are the times we want to throw in the towel. On top of that, some of our closest friends and family are less than encouraging, questioning our choices and checking out when we try to explain the benefits of going holistic.

I get it. I’m right there with you! That lack of support is exactly why we’ve created Earthotic – a company dedicated to walking the holistic journey with you. We’re here to cheer you on and provide:

  • Resources to keep you going – follow along with the blog!
  • Products that make clean eating easier – shop our products.
  • Supportive community to help you stick to your goals – subscribe via email & follow us on social media.


How Can We Help You Achieve Better Health?

In addition to providing a support network and helping hand to keep you on track with your health goals, we offer high-quality, natural, and organic products to help you thrive as a human being. It’s hard to eat clean on the go, so we have a specially formulated Organic Green Journey Superfood Powder with highly-concentrated plant food to help you get in your greens, packed with broccoli, spinach, beets, and more. To power up and keep you feeling satisfied longer, try our Organic Chocolate Journey Protein Powder.

Check out our website for full product details and ordering information.


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